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About Cycle Enfield

Town centres

A major part of the Cycle Enfield programme is making improvements to our town centres to make cycling more appealing, whilst at the same time improving the street environment as a whole. We will rejuvenate these town centres and create much improved environments not just for people who cycle, but for everyone. Additionally, we will improve links between town centres – please see our Cycle Routes pages.

The focus is on Enfield Town, Palmers Green and Edmonton Green, and we will engage in full consultation for every scheme. There is a lot of money at stake, and we want to spend it the best way we can to make improvements for everyone. We organised engagement events during the preparation of our successful funding bid, the results of which then fed into the draft proposals; but there is still a long way to go before plans are finalised. There is plenty of opportunity to create better plans, and we welcome your help and ideas!

From the data we looked at to decide where to focus our attention, we found that many car trips in Enfield that could be done by bicycle – those that are ‘potentially cyclable’ – start or end around Enfield Town, Palmers Green and Edmonton Green.  Inaddition, a number of east-westmovements are made along the A110 (Southbury Road) and through Enfield Town. These are locations with significant traffic congestion and air pollution, so increasing cycle use will help to reduce this.

Keep up to date with proposals and consultations by checking these pages, or sign up for updates from Enfield Council.